How to Easily, Automatically and Instantly Transcribe YouTube Videos

What if the words spoken in a YouTube video were as easily searchable as a plain old text document?

Well, they are.

It only takes a minute to convert any YouTube video into text. Just follow the steps below:

  1. On a YouTube video’s page, pause the video and then click on ‘cc’.

2. Click on the three horizontal dots next to “save”.

3. Click on ‘Open Transcript’.

4. (optional) Click on the three vertical dots to remove the time stamps.

5. Select all text of the transcript and ‘copy’.

6. Open a text document (OpenOffice, Sublime, Word, Google Docs etc) and paste the text.


a) ‘Select all’

b) Then go to ‘find and replace’ in the Menu.


a) Check the ‘regular expressions’ box.

b) Type ‘\n’ in the search field.

c) Type a space in the ‘Replace with’ field.

d) Click on ‘Replace all’.

9. And there’s your text.

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